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SolarWinds Lab Episode 73: You Asked for It, We Deliver!

In this episode, Head Geeks™ Patrick Hubbard and Leon Adato dig deep—through the copious pile of topic live chat suggestions, SWUG™ requests, support questions, and popular engineer how-to sessions—to create a session that is truly a command performance. They’ll cover everything from basic view customizations to …


SolarWinds Lab Episode 71: FestivOps for the Rest of Ops

  Confused about much hyped DevOps? Curious if developer’s monitoring tools are different than those made for operations? Wondering if there are hidden cloud tools in the Orion® Platform modules you already have? As always, SolarWinds Lab™ is here to help. In a SolarWinds Lab first, …


SolarWinds Lab Episode 65: Orion Database Maintenance

In this episode, Head Geeks Thomas LaRock and Destiny Bertucci will explore the exciting world of database maintenance for your Orion installations. Back to Video Archive Episode Transcript Hello and welcome to this edition of SolarWinds Lab, where Destiny and I are going to …


SolarWinds Lab Episode 33: SolarWinds Odd Couples

By the power of Orion®, we are SolarWinds® odd couple-enabled! In this episode, the Head Geeks examine Database Performance Analyzer and its integration into the Orion Platform. They show you how to use Virtualization Manager with Security Event Manager (formerly Log & Event Manager) …