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Scaling Up and Out With Microsoft Azure

Your infrastructure doesn’t just exist in your building or your physical data center anymore. Critical applications and services can live anywhere. What started with hardware virtualization has evolved to services in the cloud. Wherever your critical services live, it’s important your users can continue to operate without interruption. This means one thing: monitoring. Join SolarWinds VP of Product Strategy Brandon Shopp and Microsoft Senior Cloud Advocate Pierre Roman for a frank discussion about overcoming the challenges as your environment scales out.

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Pierre Roman, Senior Cloud Advocate, Microsoft

Pierre engages with the operations and infrastructure communities on behalf of Microsoft. His role is to listen to the concerns of the communities and bring information back to the Azure Engineering Team to improve the platform. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Pierre brings a well-rounded view of the Ops/infra lifecycle. His experiences enable him to relate to his audiences and cultivate relationships at all levels (from the nuts and bolts guy/gal to management.) He’s a husband, a dad, a hockey fan, a gadget freak, and a geek. Pierre is always ready for a conversation (in English or français – naturellement).

Brandon Shopp, VP of Product Strategy, Security, Compliance, and Tools, SolarWinds

Brandon Shopp is VP of product strategy for security, compliance, and tools at SolarWinds, and previously served as director and later senior director of product management. Prior to SolarWinds, Shopp was the Vice President of Product Management at AlienVault, and the Senior Director of Products at Embarcadero Technologies. He has a proven success record in product delivery and revenue growth, with a wide variety of software product, business model, M&A, and go-to-market strategies experience. Shopp holds a B.B.A. from Texas A&M University.