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How Ops Teams Can Leverage APM to Meet Modern Requirements

Many components of cloud and SaaS technology are incredibly useful, but the hairball of hybrid IT is anything but. And the cross-hairs of complexity are firmly centered in one place: applications. That’s a real problem because applications have become the backbone of businesses and their success is our organizations’ success. If the network fails, apps break. If the infrastructure fails, apps break. If the database fails, apps break. If security fails, apps break. If code fails, apps break. So how do you ensure you don’t fail and don’t break? When critical services are decentralized, application owners turn to monitoring that still works without root access to the whole stack—application performance management (APM). In this tech brief, you’ll learn from IT pros how to wrangle invisible services and underlying infrastructure back into view, where APM is and isn’t useful, and how to improve cross and multi-team communication to keep your users happy. You’ll learn:

  • How hybrid application deployments break single-pane-of-glass tools.
  • What makes today’s APM monitoring a very different animal.
  • How better east-west team communication reduces hybrid IT tech headaches.
  • Why end users have become reliable sources of performance truth.


Patrick Hubbard
With over 20 years of IT experience spanning network management, data center, storage networks, VoIP, virtualization, and more, Hubbard's broad knowledge and hands-on expertise affirm…
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