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Mutual Respect in a Service-Oriented World

Think back to the last time you were in a restaurant and witnessed a patron treating a server rudely. Perhaps they yelled out, snapped their fingers, or loudly complained. You likely cringed, and rightfully so. This is no way to conduct business, at any level, and it absolutely impairs the entire ecosystem of respect. While we are serving up IT management technology to technology professionals – and not plates of food – it doesn’t change our service-oriented culture at SolarWinds. Good service demands that we prioritize customer care and support with a premium on respectful treatment. In turn, we hope to get that same treatment from those we serve. There are absolutely going to be occasions when we fall short. That’s why we have dedicated customer care teams who work diligently to make things right quickly and professionally. Our employees know we will not tolerate disrespectful behavior on their part, either with customers or each other. We expect our customers to show this same level of professionalism in how they work with us. We understand the pressures and the additional stresses that this current environment can introduce, and how difficult it can be to navigate.  We choose to believe that the best way to cope and get through is to treat each other with kindness. To expect mutual respect is not an unreasonable expectation. Indeed, it’s what ultimately drives success in business, and in our everyday lives. To be our best, we must treat each other with our best.
Kevin B. Thompson
Kevin Thompson has been our President and Chief Executive Officer since March 2010. He served as our Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer since July 2006…
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