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How to Create ACLs

It’s no secret that I have a love affair with all things “monitoring.” I love the tools; I love the basic techniques those tools execute; I love the ways the data can be visualized and used; I love the opportunities for automation that monitoring …



Neglect These Cybersecurity Fundamentals at Your Peril

“Shiny object syndrome” exists within both the IT and cybersecurity fields. The press loves to focus on the sleekest new security toys or the latest threat-hunting technique. After all, red-team/blue-team simulations and advanced threat hunting sound cool and impress at networking events. However, for …



The Progress and Growth of DevOps

DevOps practices are key to helping companies achieve optimal velocity and higher code quality. As tech pros, we know DevOps is not just a change of processes brought into IT and dev teams—it’s a cultural shift that must take place across the entire organization. …