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Alexandra Vincent

Alex Vincent is the Talent Branding and University Relations Program Manager and joined SolarWinds in 2021 to strengthen our employer brand and develop our global intern program. Prior to SolarWinds, Alex was a university recruiter and graduated from Texas State University in 2017 with her Marketing degree.

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At SolarWinds, we focus on integrating our CARE values (collaboration, accountability, ready, and empathy) into how we conduct business. We believe our behaviors drive outcomes, and we strive to promote…

SolarWinds Certified as a “Great Place to Work” in the U.S. and Ireland!  

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Technology veterans sometimes paint millennials and Generation Z colleagues with a broad—and not always flattering—brush. Fortunately for SolarWinds, Paulina Cabrera inspires great optimism for the organization, and her generation at…

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When Tomas Vrabel considered joining SolarWinds five years ago, it was with hopeful expectations he’d get to work with talented people, build complex products, and deepen his knowledge in the…

SolarWinds Expands Global Intern Program With Virtual Career Fairs in 2022

At SolarWinds, we are a people-first company. Our purpose is to enrich the lives of the people we serve—including our employees, customers, shareholders, Partners, and communities. It is our People…


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