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Secure by Design: Our Plan for a Safer SolarWinds and Customer Community

Companies must change the way they operate to combat increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks across ever-expanding attack surfaces. What we learn from one attack can help us protect against the next. Because the next attack is always on the horizon. What should you do to raise your defenses?
SolarWinds President and CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna and cybersecurity expert and Krebs Stamos Group Founding Partner Alex Stamos discuss our plan for a safer SolarWinds and customer community – grounded in principles you can follow to secure your enterprise. Sudhakar addresses the steps SolarWinds is taking to:
  • Further secure our internal environment
  • Enhance our product development environment
  • Ensure the security and integrity of our software
Part of that work is drawing on the experience of cybersecurity experts like Alex – founder of the Stanford Internet Observatory, and recognized security technologist – who led security teams at Facebook and Yahoo through significant security challenges and continues to do so for companies like Zoom and SolarWinds. Alex details what you can learn from this most recent cyberattack – and others like it – to change how your organization operates.
  • Learn to audit your cloud trust relationships
  • Learn to build for code integrity
  • Learn to centralize your monitoring to accelerate detection and speed response
  • Learn to document network dependencies to better control access
  • Learn to enhance permission rules and risk-based authentication


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