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Secure by Design: Getting Our Customers Back to Business

Secure by Design: Getting Our Customers Back to Business

Organizations stopped in their tracks when the cyberattack occurred. When you’re focused on taking the right actions to protect your environment, your users, and your entire enterprise, solid counsel and assistance is critical. How do you get back to business?

Join SolarWinds President and CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna, Head Geek Thomas LaRock, and our key partners Greg Fetterhoff (Monalytic) and Bill Fitzpatrick (Loop1) as they share stories from their engagements with SolarWinds customers answering the challenge of the cyberattack—and getting back to business. From U.S. governmental agencies, to the Fortune® 500, and all around the globe, they’ve helped clarify the confusion and focus on the future.

Sudhakar will share an overview of the Orion Assistance Program SolarWinds created to:

  • Help customers get upgraded and updated
  • Get professional consulting help at no cost to them
  • Put our customers first

Greg will cover experiences from the federal government and enterprise level customers, and Bill will share stories from commercial customers around the globe. Both will address:

  • Considerations for companies responding to this cyberattack
  • What organizations have in common
  • The timeline to get back up and running


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