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Secure by Design: A SolarWinds Update for National Defenders

SolarWinds was one of a growing number of targets of a highly sophisticated, broad, and coordinated nation-state cyberoperation that compromised multiple software and hardware companies, known as SUNBURST. This was a broad-based attack on the IT infrastructure on which we all rely.

How can the public sector protect its citizens from a cyberattack by an outside nation-state?

The threat faced by the private and public sector calls for increased collaboration and cooperation across the IT industry, and with those responsible for defending nations from cyberattacks such as this one. This attack highlights the need for enhanced collaboration within the industry to collectively improve how we prevent, manage, and remediate these kinds of threats and operations in the future, and underscores the need for deeper public and private partnerships to create a more secure environment for everyone.

Join SolarWinds President and CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna, former CISA head and KSG Founding Partner Chris Krebs, and Head Geek Thomas LaRock for an update on the investigation so far, details on the steps SolarWinds is taking to help protect its customers, and a discussion of the roadmap to join forces between the private and public sectors in defending IT environments around the world from cyberattacks like SUNBURST.


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