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How Customers Drive Our Continuous Innovation

Year of Return to Innovation
With more than 300,000 customers, a thriving community of 185,000 THWACK® users, frequent SWUG™ events, and some 650,000 developers certified on SolarWinds® products, we have a unique ability to keep our fingers on the pulse of what our clients need to better manage, monitor, and understand their complex environments. We’re reminded every day how these customer interactions collectively serve as a crucial competitive advantage. The insights we gain from constant engagement with our global customer base help us set a high bar for maintaining the continual innovation necessary to keep our solutions ahead of the needs of the IT service and operations professionals we serve. We consider our users strategic stakeholders who directly influence our innovation. They positively affect the way we work and build our products, and we wouldn’t be successful without them.

Learning From Our Digital Transformation

As a multinational company with a footprint on three continents, we face many of the same IT operational issues as the more than 300,000 organizations we serve:
  • Managing distributed applications located on-premises or on the cloud
  • Supporting various deployment models for data centers and multi-cloud
  • Monitoring and tuning relational, NoSQL, and time series databases in the cloud, locally, or in a hybrid environment
  • Controlling and gaining insight into storage capacity across different data storage types, including cloud, physical, and block object storage arrays
  • Configuring and optimizing the performance of physical, virtual, and container network functions for components like routers, switches, and load balancers
Our journey to stay on top of the evolving challenges as a large enterprise ourselves reflects those of our customers. The IT professionals we serve and interact with in our user communities tell us they’re also intent on breaking down silos and gaining deeper visibility and improved control over their environment. As an answer to these universal needs, we believe the move to the SolarWinds Platform is more than an evolution of the Orion® Platform. The SolarWinds Platform is a foundational step to addressing our ability to create flexible, scalable solutions to support greater observability across the entire SolarWinds ecosystem.

How SolarWinds Sees Observability

Though our customers expertly build the necessary IT ecosystems to support their business operations, they turn to us for world-class solutions built to effectively monitor their infrastructure and application components. We need to continue to listen to our customers as we refine the solutions and features we develop to ensure we address current challenges and stay ahead of the environments they help manage. For example, the trends and market dynamics of the past few years have led to several acquisitions and mergers for many of our customers. We see how these events become calibration moments for workflows, processes, and even culture. To achieve success, teams must work better together. And the customers we see winning apply a more comprehensive and unified mentality to their operations—enhancing and accelerating their ability to deliver solutions aligned with their customers. Some of these learnings and discoveries have shaped our own orientation towards observability. Instead of simply applying highly specialized solutions to the tasks of monitoring networks, managing storage, and aggregating virtualizations, we’re delivering full-stack, holistic, and integrated solutions capable of providing crucial insights across on-premises and multi-cloud environments. Observability for SolarWinds requires a comprehensive view for perspective sharing and integrated communications. It integrates across the essential systems powering today’s modern applications with today’s enterprises deeply rooted in heritage systems, and the mid-market disruptors that need responsible paths for scale and security.

Hybrid Cloud Observability Is Phase One

Our strength has always been listening to customer pain points and reflecting on our own journey to innovate our product offerings and better help customers manage their environments, regardless of scale or complexity. With SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability, the monitoring of the disparate components found across hybrid cloud environments and their outputs can now be aggregated and centralized to provide single-pane-of-glass visibility into the overall health of on-premises and multi-cloud assets, from applications to networks. By using one solution to gain cross-domain analytics and performance insights, Hybrid Cloud Observability can help teams modernize their IT agility, resolve issues faster, and benefit from a lower total cost of ownership when compared to using multiple single-purpose tools. Hybrid Cloud Observability is phase one of our transformation, just as adopting an observability mindset has been phase one for our customers’ transformation efforts. We invite you to explore this powerful, unified solution built Secure by Design or engage in a demo with one of our transformation specialists.
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