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Dave Wagner is a senior manager of product marketing at SolarWinds with over 20 years of experience focused on IT performance and optimization. In his current role, Dave works closely with product management and corporate marketing to ensure alignment in go-to-market strategy and messaging for the SolarWinds application performance monitoring (APM) products. Prior to joining SolarWinds, Dave served as CTO of OpsDataStore, business development principal for TeamQuest, and vice president, marketing and sales at Solution Labs Inc.

Posts Featuring Dave Wagner

Determining the Most Important Application Availability and Performance Signals

There’s a time-tested saying in IT: zero sensors, zero incidents. What goes unmeasured goes unmaintained, unmanaged, and ultimately unprotected. But measurement is no simple thing. What IT teams measure depends…

Can You Consistently Deliver the Digital Experience You’ve Promised?

If the users aren’t happy, then in short order, neither will anyone else be. The ubiquity of information technology has exposed users to the best the IT industry has to…

Frequently Asked Questions About Application Performance

Digital transformation is changing the way companies do business, putting pressure on IT to continually monitor and manage the performance of applications delivering business-critical services. IT managers are responsible for…

Checklist for Application Performance and Availability

Given the increasing complexity IT infrastructures (network, storage, compute, platforms, etc.), application performance management (APM) solutions have become a critical element in the toolbox of IT managers, DevOps, and developers.…

Reimagine All You Have Learned: APM and the Skills Gap

APM tools have been formerly and primarily siloed in the application development arena, with only the most important and mission-critical applications having their APM instrumentation extended into production use due…

How to Ensure and Optimize Application Performance

Application performance management (APM) involves managing the availability and performance of software applications by obtaining and translating IT and application metrics into business outcomes. Because application performance hiccups are inevitable,…

Tips for Success When Implementing Your Transformation Initiative

Change isn’t without its detractors in terms of people and systems. A misstep in expanding application performance monitoring (APM) across full-stack application monitoring can result in the degradation of availability…

The Importance of Applications for Business Success

In developed economies, people who don’t use information technology are rare. Organizations not utterly reliant on IT are virtually unheard of. Everything is an app, and apps are at the…

Prioritizing Digital Transformation During a Pandemic

The need for reprioritizing digital transformation projects during a crisis has come. COVID-19 has created a fast-paced environment for tech pros in which once-necessary tasks are now pushed to the…

The Hybrid APM You Need and Deserve

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosted applications, and custom apps: Historically, application performance management (APM) covered only one or two of those three things. The traditional APM only applied…


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