A former university professor, Denny is a passionate advocate for optimizing technologies to solve critical customer problems, leveraging empirical, data-driven approaches.  His thoughtful leadership and disciplined methodologies have guided product management, product marketing, and User Experience (UX) teams to develop creative product strategies that ignited rapid business growth and made customers’ lives easier.


In his current role as Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at SolarWinds, Denny leads a global organization responsible for customer research, engagement, and product positioning.  While helping identify new customer needs and opportunities, his team works to educate and inform the market on how SolarWinds IT management software simplifies the process of running complex systems and applications with high availability and reliability.


In addition to SolarWinds, Denny held executive leadership roles at leading IT management and security firms, including BMC and AlienVault.  Denny holds a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from Rice University and a B.S. from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.



Seeing IT Differently: Why IT Vendors Must Evolve

Many years ago, at Louisiana State University (LSU), I taught the basics of evolution as part of a class on learning and behavior. The concepts behind evolution started, of course, with biologists, but have been adopted by behavioral scientists and now, by technologists. Evolution …