How Organizations Can Use APM Strategies for a Competitive Edge

December 4, 2019

How Organizations Can Use APM Strategies for a Competitive Edge

Nearly every market in today’s business landscape is saturated, making it every organization’s top goal to create products and provide services rivaling competitors. To help ensure success, businesses must provide a customer experience that exceeds expectations, and application performance monitoring tools are key to creating this exceptional user experience. From a recent THWACK poll, we learned from IT pros themselves how important application performance management is to the organizations they support.

The recent report from SolarWinds and GigaOm, Driving Business Performance Through Application Performance Management found performance management strategies can give companies a competitive edge. By surveying executives across organizations, the report revealed different ways these strategies and tools can be used to meet business goals. The top key findings include:

Primary Driver of Application Performance Management Tools and Strategies

  • The primary driver, according to 61 percent of executive decision makers from reactive organizations, is to diagnose and fix problems; this is followed by managing complex application environments (57 percent).

Prioritization of Criteria Related to Customer Experience

  • 66 percent of proactive organizations see customer experience criteria as important.

Most Important Features of APM Tools

  • 65 percent of proactive organizations have comprehensive performance monitoring coverage of the DevOps toolchain, compared to 18 percent of reactive organizations.
  • Proactive organizations consistently value more advanced APM features (54 percent), such as measuring user experience in real time (44 percent); providing a composite view of log and performance data (35 percent); and having a ‘live tail’ feed of logs and other data sources (32 percent).


APM tools are key to troubleshooting issues and amplifying customer experience. In addition to meeting end-user priorities and making tech pros’ lives easier, APM tools can also meet key performance indicators and achieve broader business goals—key to the success of every organization.

A former university professor, Denny is a passionate advocate for optimizing technologies to solve critical customer problems, leveraging empirical, data-driven approaches.  His thoughtful leadership and disciplined methodologies have guided product management, product marketing, and User Experience (UX) teams to develop creative product strategies that ignited rapid business growth and made customers’ lives easier.   In his current role as Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at SolarWinds, Denny leads a global organization responsible for customer research, engagement, and product positioning.  While helping identify new customer needs and opportunities, his team works to educate and inform the market on how SolarWinds IT management software simplifies the process of running complex systems and applications with high availability and reliability.   In addition to SolarWinds, Denny held executive leadership roles at leading IT management and security firms, including BMC and AlienVault.  Denny holds a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from Rice University and a B.S. from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.