Kevin Blackburn

Kevin Blackburn is a Senior Network Engineer based near Akron, OH. Through his employment and personal study, Kevin has worked with mainly Cisco equipment day-to-day including Pix \ ASA \ Firepower Security, Nexus DataCenter, as well as iOS-based networking equipment. His main hobby is technology as a whole, so you will always find him tinkering with the latest ARM device out there or other things like home automation. Other than that, Kevin enjoys documenting his networking studies and education processes through articles and videos on his blog.



Bringing Ease of Use and Security to Remote Users

June 15, 2018

The image of a modern office has been rapidly changing in recent years. From the medical field, to sales, to technical support, users are on the road and working from just about everywhere possible. Firewalls, malware protection, and other IT security practices are great …