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Leon Adato is a Head Geek and technical evangelist at SolarWinds, and is a Cisco® Certified Network Associate (CCNA), MCSE and SolarWinds Certified Professional (he was once a customer, after all). His 25 years of network management experience spans financial, healthcare, food and beverage, and other industries.

Posts Featuring Leon Adato

2020: The Year IT Pros Were Built For

The theme for IT Pro Day 2020 is “You Were Built for This” and, while we knew it could be relevant in almost any minute of any day of any…

It Takes a Village to Fix a Spreadsheet

Ben Zoma said: “Who is wise? He who learns from every man, as it is said: ‘From all who taught me have I gained understanding’ (Psalms 119:99)” Pirkei Avot (The…

SysAdmin Day 2020: Business as Usual During the “New Different”

I’m not going to even try to pretend SysAdmin Day arrives this year under conditions anyone would call “business as usual.” I’m going to avoid the cliched and empty platitudes…

Friendship Is Magic. And Harder Than It Looks.

Building relationships is no easy feat. It’s been my experience that it’s common for people (especially, but not exclusively, men) to connect with each other through activity-based friendships—you might have…

The Harsh Realities of Working From Home

To the companies who’ve practiced remote work for years or are solely online, congrats! You’re probably thriving in this environment. But as IT practitioners we need to acknowledge, while remote…

Distributed Computing – When Everyone Is Working From Home

We’ve officially made it past day 100 in quarantine. I hope you’ve found your groove, perfected your at-home office/workspace, learned a new language, tested six new bread recipes, and launched…

Hunting and Gathering in the Age of COVID

Collecting knowledge is a large part of everyday conversations. Contributing knowledge to a conversation keeps it going and allows individuals to learn new information, debate their current knowledge, and even…

Return to Work: The New Different — SolarWinds TechPod 028

For many people, February 2020 marked the point when everything changed: When schools, stores, religious institutions, and businesses began to shutter their physical locations and we all began grappling with ways to turn our homes…

Career Corner: How to Promote Yourself Without Sounding Like a Jerk

Have you ever had a colleague who waited year after year for a promotion that never came? Or worse, have you BEEN that person? You’re not alone. Many IT professionals…

SolarWinds IT Trends Report Insights With Keith Townsend — SolarWinds TechPod 027

The SolarWinds® IT Trends Report 2020 explores the evolving role of technology in business and the tech pros in charge of driving business performance. This year shows there’s less focus on emerging technologies…


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