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Matt Cox

MSP Senior Manager, Sales Engineering, SolarWinds

With nearly 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Matt Cox is a lover of creating technical solutions and successful customers. As the Senior Director, Technical Operations, ITSM, he leads the talented team of ITSM solutions engineering, on-boarding, and support teams, working with customers of all sizes and across many different industries to create tailored service management solutions using ITSM and ITIL best practices. Fun fact—he once went hang gliding off a cliff in Ecuador.

Posts Featuring Matt Cox

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Finding the best employees for any discipline can be a challenge, and good candidates don’t have much patience for a lethargic hiring process. Hiring the best service desk staff requires…

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Why Risk Management Is Critical to Your IT Infrastructure

Picture this. It’s late 2006, we’re on the verge of the 2008 economic collapse in the United States, and an investment bank makes a strategic move. Their data models show…

Building a Complete Picture of IT Assets — SolarWinds TechPod 017

To maximize the benefits of business technology, IT asset management (ITAM) should have a strong relationship with service delivery. Over the years, ITAM has evolved beyond a spreadsheet of laptops…

The Future of ITSM: The Rise of Automation, Agile, and the Employee Experience

Learn about the rise of automation, agile, and user experience and how digital transformation is rapidly changing the future of ITSM as we know it.

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In this article, we will look at ITSM through the lens of constant digital transformation, examining how the rise of AI is affecting humans in the IT space; the move…


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