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How Digital Transformation is Changing IT Service Management Solutions

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ITSM in the Face of Constant Digital Transformation

As much as things change, by necessity, they continue to change over time. Change actually happens exponentially in this ongoing digital moment we find ourselves transforming through. The digital world is in a constant of growth and flux. So if the digital world is always changing, how does this constant transformation affect IT service management solutions? In this article, we will look at ITSM through the lens of constant digital transformation, examining how the rise of AI is affecting humans in the IT space; the move to cloud-based self-service; and other modern support strategies. This includes how these efforts are transforming operating models and the effect of service desk integrations that consolidate both data and technology.

AI Is Replacing Humans

Whatever you may have heard, AI is here. After a tremendous amount of hand-wringing that dates back more than a century, artificial intelligence has finally advanced enough that it is effectively replacing human beings in the workplace, including in the world of ITSM. This trend, which will likely only accelerate, affects communications and the capabilities, training, and potential skills of IT staff members. In many cases, ITSM’s first task was to manage AI integration, in addition to other mandates – for some, this was a tremendous burden. The initial phase of incorporating AI in the workplace is already giving way to a second phase, in which AI is beginning to take much of the burden off of ITSM, though it must still be governed by IT to remain effective.

Use of Modern Support Technologies to Transform Operating Models

Moving to the cloud and developing self-service strategies in ITSM is another area in which digital transformation is radically affecting how service management solutions are delivered. Finding the right contemporary or emerging automation platform and tools can get you into a position to stay in front of digital transformation, executing service management both efficiently and effectively. Additionally, transforming operating models are changing how IT service desks are engaging with their customers. Transforming ITSM requires the right combination of platform and processes. A mature and yet flexible and evolving ITSM solution, reliant on automation and solid data, can keep your organization on pace in a rapidly transforming landscape.

Service Desk Integrations Are the Present and the Future

Furthermore, service desk integrations are an expression of the ongoing digital transformation that is constantly changing the face of ITSM. By automating their service requests and ticketing responses, service desk integrations are a means to consolidate both technology and data. Because of this, companies are bringing the future of ITSM into the present and changing the very nature of IT service management solutions. Establishing and maintaining a governance capacity within your IT organization has become not only a best practice, but also one sign that your organization is more mature in terms of ITSM. In the end, this governance capacity must be responsible for tracking digital transformation within and without your organization, adjusting and creating processes, and transforming services and service structures as necessary. To read more about digital transformation and its effect on end-users, stay tuned to this blog.
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