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Massimiliano "Max" Mortillaro is a Partner & Principal Analyst at TECHunplugged.io. He's a former 5-star VMware vExpert, one of the re-founders of the Czech Republic VMware User Group, and its former leader. He's an advocate for online security, privacy, encryption, and digital rights. Like his name very wrongfully hints, Max is French and lives with his family in Prague, Czech Republic. Besides being a failed sportsman, he is a general bon vivant and the impersonation of your average Hobbit in full size.

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Knowing Which Services Are Critical to a Business Service

In the age of exploration, cartographers used to navigate around the world and map the coastlines of unexplored continents. The coastline of IT, and moreover the inner landscapes and features,…

A Sysadmin’s Guide to Spaghetti Cabling: Bridging the Gap between IT Operations and Business

No, it’s not the latest culinary invention from a famous Italian chef: spaghetti cabling (a nice wording for cabling inferno) is a sour dish we’d rather not eat. Beyond this…

Putting on your X-Ray Goggles to Visualize the Business Services Spectrum

I love watching those modern movies where IT works magically. In these movies, any average Joe with access to a computer or terminal can instantly access anything with seamless effort.…

Business Services and their Challenges in Complex Environments

Business services and infrastructure services have divergent interests and requirements: business services are not focusing on IT. They may leverage IT, but their role is to be a core enabler…

Monitoring Cloud from On-Prem

The use of cloud technology and services–especially public cloud–has become nearly ubiquitous. For example, it has made its way into even the most conservative organizations. Despite the fact that some…


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