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Natalie is a former program manager with the CCIE certification team at Cisco, managing exam curriculums and content for the CCIE Security track before becoming an independent consultant. She has been involved with computer networking for more than 20 years, much of which was spent with Cisco as a Technical Leader and has contributed at the IETF standards level and is a US Patent holder. Natalie is a guest blogger on for Network Computing and other social media sites and is also a Cisco Press author. Natalie has a CCIE Security Certification and is a multiple Cisco Live Distinguished Speaker award winner.

Posts Featuring Natalie Timms

Maintaining a Secure Environment: Monitoring Beyond the Log File

This blog series has been all about taking a big step back and reviewing your ecosystem. What do you need to achieve? What are the organization’s goals and mandates? What…

Maintaining a Secure Environment: Best Practices for Design and Deployment

The first three blogs in this series were all about building a blueprint for a well-designed environment. In this article, we’ll review more practical considerations to influence the overall architecture…

Maintaining a Secure Environment: Compliance Considerations

A security policy based on actual use cases has been documented, as have the components of the ecosystem. Before devising a practical implementation and configuration plan, one more assessment should…

Maintaining a Secure Environment: Understanding Its Components

In the previous blog, we discussed how defining use cases mapped to important security and business- related objectives are the first step in building and maintaining a secure environment. We’ve…

Maintaining a Secure Environment: Use Cases Build a Security Policy

Security is a key operational consideration for organizations today because a breach can lead to significant losses of revenue, reputation, and legal standing. An entity’s environment is an ecosystem comprised of…

Security Monitoring – It’s All About the Data

In this series, we’ve covered some key areas that can help prepare for potential attacks. Preparation is essential. Security policies are essential. Understanding your network and its assets is essential.…

Protection Methods – The Art of Data Analytics

The previous blog reviewed some guidelines that laid the foundation for security through understanding your environment and planning how elements within that environment are configured, used, accessed, and tracked. Although…

Policy and Controls – A Foundation for Threat Protection

In the previous blog in this series, we reviewed several types of attacks and threats, and some ways they are perpetrated. In this blog, we will become familiar with several…

Cybersecurity Fundamentals – Attack Surfaces and Vulnerabilities

In the first blog of this series, we became familiar with some well-used cybersecurity terminology. This blog will look at some well-known cyberattack and threat types and how they can…

Cybersecurity Fundamentals – Threat and Attack Terminology

In the first post of this blog series, we’ll cover the fundamentals of cybersecurity, and understanding basic terminology so you can feel comfortable “talking the talk.” Over the next few…


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