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Ruairi is a technical individual with over 14 years experience in the IT industry, and likes to think of himself as a “jack of all trades.” With experience in everything from networking, security, end user compute, and enterprise application deployments, as well as dabbling in the cloud, he's happy discussing many different areas within modern IT architecture. Ruairi's current main focus is with storage products and associated software, and understanding their associated strengths and weaknesses. He currently enjoys working with the reseller community within the U.K. channel to make sure they have all the necessary technical skill sets to improve and differentiate their business.

Posts Featuring Ruairi McBride

2020 Vision—What Does the Future Hold for DevOps?

2019 was busy year for DevOps as measured by the events held on the topic. Whether it be DevOps days around the globe, DockerCon, DevOps Enterprise Summits, KubeCon, or CloudNativeCon,…

5 Ansible Playbook Steps to Success

There are many configuration management, deployment, and orchestration tools available, ranging from open-source tools to automation engines. Ansible is one such software stack available to cover all the bases, and…

Don’t Let Technical Debt Be Your Company’s Subprime Loan: Mapping Your Way to Better Software

I was in the pub recently for the local quiz and afterwards, I got talking to someone I hadn’t seen for a while. After a few minutes, we started discussing…

IT—More Than a Fancy Calculator: Moving From Cost Center to Business Value

It’s time to stop seeing IT as just a black hole to throw money towards and instead, give back to the business. Often, the lack of proper measurement and standardization…

I Have My Plates Spinning, Now Where’s My Crystal Ball? What We Can Expect from Hybrid Cloud

In my final post in this series, I want to talk about some things that we have not touched on already and how it relates to what we’ve already discussed.…

Getting the On-Prem Part of Hybrid Cloud Right

In my previous articles, I’ve looked at the challenges and decisions people face when undertaking digital transformation and transitioning to a hybrid cloud model of IT operation. Whether it’s using…

21st Century Application Development

There’s a revolution underway with application deployment, and you may or may not be aware of it. We’re seeing a move by businesses to adopt technology the large public cloud…

What Is Digital Transformation? And Why Do You Need a Strategy?

In this blog series, we’ve been looking at various methods of utilization with cloud infrastructure. While cloud adoption can be beneficial to almost any organisation, change for change’s sake can…

To Cloud or Not to Cloud?

There’s a question I’m sure is keeping some IT managers and CTOs up at night. How do you know when it’s right to move a workload to the cloud? And when you…

Why Move to the Cloud? Benefits of the Ever-Onward Advancement of Hybrid IT

There is no getting away from it: the word “cloud” is a buzzword in the IT industry. Maybe it’s graduated onto something more. Why Cloud? I remember being asked this…


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