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The Hidden Costs of Backup Software

August 31, 2018

The focus of data protection has changed. Backups and data recovery used to exist primarily to protect against human error or natural disaster. The focus was on recovering from an accidental deletion or salvaging company data after a data center burned down. Today, data …


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Disaster Recovery – The Postmortem

June 26, 2018

So you’ve made it through a disaster recovery event. Well done! Whether it was a simulation or an actual recovery, it was possibly a tense and trying time for you and your operations team. The business is no doubt happy to know that everything …


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After It Broke: Executing Good Postmortems

June 19, 2018

No matter how much automation, redundancy, and protection you build into your systems, thing are always going to break. It might be a change breaking an API to another system. It might be a change in a metric. Perhaps you just experienced massive hardware …


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This is a Disaster! Knowing When to Call It

June 13, 2018

Disasters come in many forms. I’ve walked in on my daughters when they were younger and doing craft things in their bedroom and said “this is a disaster!” When it comes to serious events though, most people think of natural disasters, like floods or …


SolarWinds Lab Episode 64: Keep Your Company Safe – The ARRR Pillars

May 15, 2018

In this episode, Head Geeks explain the ARRR Pillars (Availability, Reliability, Resiliency, and Recoverability) and how applying them in practice can help keep your company safe. We’ll cover patch reporting and analytics, cloud logging best practices, and disaster recovery using backup best practices. Back …



Disaster Recovery Testing – Learning to Walk the Walk

March 6, 2018

With the influx of natural disasters, hacks, and increasingly more common ransomware, being able to recover from a disaster is quickly moving up the priority list for IT departments across the globe. In addition to awareness, we are seeing our data centers move from …