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Anomaly Detection for Monitoring - A New eBook

We're excited to share Anomaly Detection for Monitoring a new, free eBook written by Preetam Jinka and Baron Schwartz. In the eBook, published in collaboration with Ruxit and O'Reilly, Preetam and Baron illuminate how to navigate the current labyrinth of anomaly detection. In recent years, as data systems have grown more and more massive, monitoring has become more ambitious, far-reaching, and complex than ever before. Now, anomaly detection is an integral technique in effective monitoring, key for identifying unusual behaviors in systems and their observable signals. If you understand how to effectively apply anomaly detection to your monitoring, your operational benefits can be tremendous. As Baron and Preetam write:
A common assumption is that more sophisticated anomaly detection can solve all of these problems. We assume that anomaly detection can help us reduce false alarms and missed alarms. We assume that it can help us find problems more accurately with less work. We assume that it can suppress noisy alerts when systems are in unstable states. We assume that it can learn what is normal for a system, automatically and with zero configuration.
Head over to Ruxit now to access and download the eBook in full, for free.  
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