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Do I Need an Enterprise Management System?

When it comes to getting something done in IT, the question of "How?" can be overwhelming. There are many different solutions on the market to achieve our data center monitoring and management goals. The best way to achieve success is for project managers and engineers to work together to determine what tools best fit the needs of the project. With most projects, budgets are a major factor in deciding what to use. This can make initial decisions relatively easy or increasingly difficult. In the market, you’ll find a spectrum from custom implementations of enterprise management software to smaller, more nimble solutions. There are pros and cons to each type of solution (look for a future post!), and depending on the project, some cons can be deal-breakers. Here are a couple of points to think about when deciding on a tool/solution to get your project across the finish line.

Budget, Anyone?

Budgets run the IT world. Large companies with healthy revenues have large budgets to match. Smaller organizations have budgets more in line with the IT services that they need to operate. Each of these types of companies need to have a solution that fits their needs without causing problems with their budgets. There are enterprise management systems to fit a variety of budgets for sure. Some are big, sprawling systems with complicated licensing and costs to match. Still others consist of community-managed tools that have less costs associated with them, but also have less support. And, of course, there are tools that fit in the middle of those two extremes. Don’t think that having limitless budget means that you should just buy the most expensive tool out there. You need to find a solution that first and foremost fits your needs. Likewise, don’t feel like a small budget means that you can only go after free solutions or tools with limited support. Investigating all the options and knowing what you need are the keys to finding good software at reasonable costs.

Do I Have the Right People?

Having the right people on your IT staff also helps when choosing what type of management tool to use. Typically, IT pros love researching tools on their own and spend hours in community threads talking about tools. If you have a seasoned and dedicated staff, go with a more nimble tool. It usually costs less, and your staff will ensure it gets used properly. Conversely, if your IT staff is lacking, or is filled with junior level admins, a nimble tool might not be the best solution. An enterprise solution often comes with more support and a technical account manager assigned directly to your account. Enterprise solutions often offer professional services to install the tool and configure it to meet the demands of your infrastructure. Some enterprise management software vendors offer on-site training to get your staff up to speed on the tool’s use. Don’t forget that sometimes the best person for the job may not even be a person at all! Enterprise management systems often provide the ability to have tools that can automate a large number of tasks, such as data collection or performance optimization. If your staff finds itself overworked or lacking in certain areas, you may be able rely on your EMS platform to help you streamline the things you need to accomplish and help you fill in the gaps where necessary. Not everyone has the need for a huge IT team, but using your platforms as a force multiplier can give you an advantage. There are many other points to discuss when deciding on an enterprise monitoring or management system versus a nimble tool. However, the points discussed above should be the most pertinent to your discussions. Do not make any decisions on a solution without taking the time to make some proper assessments first. Trust your staff to be honest about their capabilities, ensure your budgetary constraints are met, and choose a tool that will be the best fit for the project. In the end, what matters most is delivering a solution that meets your customer and/or company’s needs.  
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