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Uses of Artificial Intelligence and How they Relate to IT Help Desks

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Applications of Artificial Intelligence Are Everywhere

You may not realize it unless you are deeply involved in the creation and application of artificial intelligence, but AI is everywhere around you, and its impact is growing. This is at least partly because every day AI enhances your life in ways that are designed to be outside your perception. Whether it's a chatbot directing your experience as a customer, an AI application protecting your personal and financial information from fraudulent use, or through a more direct and obvious virtual assistant program, AI applications are a part of your life and they are all rapidly growing in use. They are also getting more sophisticated in their delivery of service, both in the workplace through ITSM, and in the marketplace.

Everyday AI and You

Everyday AI is something that is easily taken for granted, both at work and at home. There are countless – seriously countless – uses of artificial intelligence providing value in your life throughout the day. These aren’t obvious because they are small and designed to be invisible, but they do add up in tangible ways. Your experience of life is being assisted by AI in ways you can’t detect, and for applications that you may not have realized needed to be assisted in the first place.
  • AI Applications in Fraud Detection
    • One of the strongest examples of the beneficial uses of artificial intelligence is the use of AI applications in the realm of fraud detection. Because there is a tremendous amount of consumer data available for AI to analyze, it can be very useful in detecting anomalous patterns of behavior in the use of credit cards, down to the level of the specific user.
  • Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service
    • Chatbots have already proven a popular alternative to overworked, expensive call centers. It takes some delicacy to create a personal experience and avoid user frustration, but chatbots can collect a ton of valuable data up front, and if the technology is strong enough, provides many of the answers that customers previously waited on hold to find.
  • Virtual Assistants
    • Virtual assistants can be people, true. But, virtual assistance is also available through a growing variety of AI-driven virtual assistant devices and technology, including popular applications like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana, to name a few.

Work Automation and the Future of Maintenance

In perhaps one of the most deeply impactful ways, AI is enhancing your experience of work, likely without you realizing it. Through an employee service portal (like the one built into the service desk that Samanage offers its customers), you can receive help to do your job, no matter what that job is. Employee service portals can facilitate communication, automate asset and resource allocation and management, assist users with their HR questions, and perform or assist with a wide variety of other tasks. Additionally, an IT service desk like the one available from Samanage utilizes AI applications to increase your organization’s capacity to deliver IT services through features like automated ticket routing, virtual assistance with data navigation, tracking and analyzing IT data and incidents and problems, and a myriad of other services. At the end of the day, AI makes getting your job done easier.

A New AI-Augmented World

The takeaway from all of this is that despite any initial trepidation that some of us may have felt when first encountering clunky AI, and despite all the film plots that have AI taking over the world and creating a post-apocalyptic world of machines, AI has entered our lives in seemingly small, indiscernible ways. It enhances our productivity while reducing our stress levels at work. It enhances our experience as customers while providing value to the companies we patronize. And, it protects us from those who would do us harm. AI applications are continually getting better at what they do, building a future with us in it.
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