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Showcasing ITSM ROI & the Powerful Impact of IT


The Subtle, Yet Powerful Impact of IT

Sometimes it can be challenging to see the impact of IT and the service desk on an entire organization or business. But the impact of IT on business can be powerful. Well designed, executed, and managed ITSM helps provide value throughout any organization, but it’s not always self-evident to organizational management, users throughout the organization, or even to IT team members themselves. This partially makes sense, given the fact that the role of IT is to provide value across the organization in ways that are often designed to be invisible to users. The return on investment in IT service management (ITSM ROI) is easy to underestimate. So let's shed some light on the ITSM ROI and ways in which every dollar invested in quality ITSM impacts efforts across the entire business or organization. There’s tangible evidence that an efficient service desk can result in better employee satisfaction ratings, more production, and ultimately, greater business value to the organization. If you find the right ITSM solution, follow ITIL best practices to best fit your teams and shift focus toward employee service management, it will be easier to quantify the benefits.

Employee Service Management Best Practices to Drive the Impact of IT

Focusing on employee service management (ESM) is one way to drive satisfaction and productivity across an organization. When employees receive the help and resources they need quickly, and they know right where to ask for it, they are better equipped to perform. Whether it’s software troubleshooting, device issues, expense reports, or new business cards, a well-constructed service experience can handle these needs. In fact, there are hundreds of ways a powerful, modern service desk can help streamline services across departments. We cover some of them in our free eBook, 150 Ways to Automate Service Management Throughout Your Organization. Businesses and organizations that develop and employ an employee-focused service strategy can expect to see a boost in efficiency through streamlined productivity, organization-wide. They can also expect to see a reduction in downtime and redundancies, as well as enhancements in control or organizational response to incidents and problems. These benefits are even more impactful for organizations that employ a single service platform for their entire business operation, improving employee morale and productivity, while seeing ROI in terms of improvement in organizational competitiveness and cost reduction. If employees always go to the same place for any internal need, they know exactly where to find answers, and the organization can save costs in terms of the number of tools and resources they need to deploy.

Innovative Technologies that Drive Efficiency and Effectiveness Through Service Management

There are several ways that artificial intelligence (AI) and other innovative technologies are impacting employee service success, and thereby driving both efficiency and effectiveness across organizations. The number of organizations that have adopted smart technology to improve and streamline service at the help desk and across their entire business is growing. More than 80% of surveyed IT professionals across 300 companies understand that AI is a critical component of their digital transformation, and nearly 50% have already seen measurable ITSM ROI from implementing new technologies to drive service levels.

Driving ITSM ROI and Organizational Performance by Leveraging the ITSM Budget Effectively

It seems evident at this point that employing a single platform service solution to drive service management efforts through the use of AI and other innovative technologies is a solid path to realizing return on investment for your ITSM budget. Plus, the impact of IT on the business, while invisible to many people within the organization, is key to organizational efficiency and effectiveness. This impact can be enhanced through employee service management, as well as ITSM that effectively leverages innovative technologies. If you want to learn the best ROI metrics to track and present to leadership, download our whitepaper: Measuring the ROI of IT Service Management.
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