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Service Desk ROI:5 Companies Seeing Big Returns

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Seeing a positive return on investment when it comes to a service desk can be challenging without the right solution in place. Whether it is properly routing requests or creating approvals and workflows, a comprehensive platform can make a measurable difference. In this blog, you will learn how five companies experienced measurable ROI since implementing the Samanage Service Platform.

DPR Construction

DPR is a leading commercial contractor with 29 offices across the United States and up to 200 active job sites at a time. Working with multiple vendors to manage inventory created a major pain point: lack of integration between these systems. [video id="k7z6a2bvxTY"] As a result, scattered data and disjointed processes made it difficult to budget and streamline technology in a complex organization with so many job sites.

The Results

  • Discovered nearly 3,000 computers through IT asset management, gaining better control of IT spending
  • Integrated of all of their existing systems using APIs and automated workflows to streamline processes like onboarding, printing of shipping labels, and more

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Chicago

As one of the nation's largest public works projects focused on flood control and pollution, the MWRD IT staff supports over 2,000 employees nationwide. In dealing with supporting so many employee ticket requests, the team’s Director of Technology was looking for a better way for requesters to view the status of their tickets inside a convenient service portal.
Coming from a rudimentary help desk solution to a full service platform like this — we’ve come a very long way in a short period of time.” –John Sudduth, Director of IT, MWRD

The Results

  • Improved communication and increased visibility among employees by implementing an employee service portal
  • High customer satisfaction survey participation, with CSAT ratings of 95 percent or higher

Great Oaks Career Campuses

This Ohio-based career training and technical education institution was experiencing a problem many IT organizations face when it comes to the service desk — expensive implementation involving multiple developers and third parties.
It checked all our boxes: service in the cloud, all of the functionality we were looking for, and customized portal so we could put our logos in.” –Stephen Jacobs, Director of Information Technology, GOCC
Since implementation, Great Oaks has been able to speed up the process of building their service catalogue, and even improved their onboarding process for HR and facilities teams.

The Results

  • Reduced support and service costs by 75 percent
  • Quicker and more seamless implementation
  • Improved communication among employees and students requesting services

Goya Foods

One of the challenges that Goya was faced was finding a solution that was able to meet their specific needs without purchasing additional modules or spending money to hire external developers.
With other softwares, you don’t get all the modules, so you still have to buy additional stuff in order to make it work.” –Bryan Greer, Senior System Engineer, Goya Foods

The Results

  • Fewer additional expenses compared to other solutions
  • Shorter learning curve and improved ease-of-use
  • Added change management and workflow capabilities

Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates

Like many growing medical practices, Atlanta Gastroenterology was in a position where their growth was outpacing their current service request process and simply not sophisticated enough for a growing number of employees, in multiple departments. With ownership of requests becoming more confusing as more emails flooded their inbox, the team decided it was time for an ITSM solution.
From the top down, we need to make sure we support our AGA employees, so they can continue to deliver world class care to our patients. The key was to figure out how we can support our users quickly, with high quality service, and SolarWinds Service Desk enables us to do that.” –Richard Eells, Project Manager, AGA

The Results

  • Quicker service requests for employees
  • Eliminated manual processes, spreadsheets, and other bottlenecks prohibiting growth
  • Set up other departments like human resources into the platform, facilitating collaboration and broader visibility
For more information on the added efficiencies and return on investment these companies are seeing, check out more of our case studies.
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