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Intelligent Automation for the IT Service Desk

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Intelligent Automation for IT

Grow or die; even in its severity, this axiom holds true, regardless of whether your organization is mature by most measures. No matter, you must be consistently looking for ways to improve your processes if you’re going to stay current or ahead of the curve as an IT organization. For a few years now, getting current or ahead has involved a complicated mix of various ongoing transformations. Part of that mix has been the development and implementation of automation and artificial intelligence. Taken together, intelligent automation is potentially one of the most powerful tools for transformation that IT organizations possess or are working toward. Leading IT organizations are getting traction in the effort to improve their processes through taking a hard look at what they are doing on a regular basis, and finding ways to apply intelligent automation wherever they can. The benefits are myriad and reach well beyond simple improvements to efficiency and productivity into data protection and scaling.  

IT Automation and Data Protection

The chances are good, as you’re reading this, that your organization has either directly or indirectly through a partnering organization, customer, or other stakeholders, already suffered some sort of data leak or breach of security. Some estimates peg the number of organizations that have at north of 90 percent. Through IT automation, as well as the application of machine learning (AI), particularly as it engages with the management and transference of encrypted data, we are beginning to see the potential for reinvigorated data security. Through automated processes, we have the potential to secure information across entire organizations.

Intelligent Automation, Scaling, and Productivity

The more easily realized potential of intelligent automation has to do with taking the human element out of many of the time-consuming repetitive processes of IT. Relying upon automated processes enhanced with machine learning allows for a scaling of these processes across entire organizations through employee service management (ESM) efforts. In turn, humans are able to provide even greater value and productivity to the organization by freeing up creative capital to perform tasks that cannot be completed by machines. The more the processes of ITSM are handled efficiently and automatically by artificial intelligence, the more productive both those processes and the people that were once shackled to them can become. It’s true that reductions in errors lead to a better perception of service from both internal and external stakeholders. This fact, in combination with better scalability of processes and the freeing up of human capital, makes a strong argument for the implementation of IT automation.

Moving Into the Future of IT

As with most initiatives that forge a new path, implementing intelligent automation may meet with some resistance in your organization. Forging ahead is not only necessary but will also yield tangible benefits beyond those that can be seen at this early stage in the ongoing digital transformation of organizations. Building machine learning and automation into your processes is a necessary part of growing into the future of IT. IT automation may seem like a futuristic ideal, but it is rapidly becoming a necessary part of the present.  
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