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SolarWinds x Cloud Field Day 7

Cloud Field Day, hosted by Gestalt IT, is an invite-only, live-streamed technical meeting focused on the impact of cloud on enterprise IT. Held over 2-3 days, the event brings together a panel of industry influencers or “delegates” from around the world to interact with featured companies and experience their products and innovations through presentations, demos, round tables, and more. Typically on-site and in-person, Cloud Field Day 7 was held virtually this year. However, the shift in direction didn’t faze our presenters Jim Hansen, Chris Erway, and Adam Hert from providing a comprehensive SolarWinds overview, APM technical history, and demo of the APM Suite.

Application Performance Management (APM)

SolarWinds Application Performance Management (APM) from Gestalt IT on Vimeo. How does SolarWinds fit into the APM market, and how does its APM suite of products help IT organizations monitor and manage the lifecycle performance of their software applications? This presentation takes viewers through the SolarWinds® APM suite, made up of Pingdom®, AppOptics, and Loggly®, to combine user experience monitoring with custom metrics, distributed tracing, log analytics, and log management to provide unmatched visibility into custom applications.

Metrics, Logging, Tracing, Monitoring, Observability, APM and You

SolarWinds Metrics, Logging, Tracing, Monitoring, Observability, APM and You from Gestalt IT on Vimeo. How do monitoring, observability, distributed tracing, and APM all fit together? This talk presents a recent history of the monitoring and observability ecosystem, explaining how metrics, logs, and traces come together to provide a complete picture of application performance. It explains recent efforts to standardize common telemetry instrumentation APIs like OpenTracing, OpenCensus, and OpenTelemetry. Finally, it shows how SolarWinds AppOptics offers automatic metrics, logging, and distributed tracing instrumentation without any code modification for eight languages.

Reducing Downtime Using SolarWinds APM

SolarWinds Reducing Downtime Using SolarWinds APM from Gestalt IT on Vimeo. Learn how to reduce application downtime using the SolarWinds application performance management (APM) suite of products—Pingdom, AppOptics, and Loggly. This live demo starts at the simplest forms of monitoring to help reduce app downtime, and then walks through the application stack to get into more complex examples from the perspective of the end user.

Application Performance in Kubernetes

SolarWinds Application Performance in Kubernetes from Gestalt IT on Vimeo. Application performance tuning doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn how to use SolarWinds AppOptics to improve the performance of your applications running in Kubernetes. Get insight into how well your service is responding, the application load time, and underlying infrastructure.