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Everything You Need to Know About SolarWinds Observability–Our Transformational Subscription Service

Transformation is key to being at the forefront of the tech industry, and over the past two years, I’ve been excited to lead an outstanding team of developers and engineers as we’ve embarked on evolving our monitoring tools toward observability. With this in mind, we’re excited to announce two significant product releases today. The first is a completely new product offering and subscription service we call SolarWinds® Observability. Built fully in the cloud, SolarWinds Observability is a unified, full-stack SaaS solution for DevOps teams who require integrated and comprehensive problem identification and resolution for modern, custom, cloud-native applications. SolarWinds Observability is built for modern business, and designed for cloud and site reliability engineers, application developers, and IT operations leaders who need to proactively manage their modern IT implementations and ensure positive customer experiences. We’re also proud to announce an exciting update to our on-premises observability solution, SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability. Our latest update includes improved AIOps enhanced with machine learning-based anomaly detection, giving users new ways to further reduce alert noise and improve alert accuracy. We think these new updates will help users further optimize their response rates. New integrations also bring enhanced security features. Customers in our Hybrid Cloud Observability Advanced tiers, who have deployed Security Event Manager (SEM) or Access Rights Manager (ARM) products, can now have visibility into security events through a unified Security Observability dashboard. SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability is a solution designed to stand alone or it can be paired with SolarWinds Observability for a single, highly correlated source of truth. These two milestone launches take us a step further in fulfilling our vision to offer full-stack visibility for on-premises, hybrid, or cloud environments. They’re a great example of our commitment to providing customers with enterprise-grade solutions. Today, regardless of what your IT implementation looks like or where it’s deployed, SolarWinds can provide the observability you need for your business.

SolarWinds Observability: A purpose-built solution for purpose-driven results

SolarWinds Observability is a purpose-built SaaS solution for modern, custom, cloud-native applications and hybrid environments. When developing SolarWinds Observability, we wanted to provide intuitive visibility to the cloud and multi-cloud infrastructures our customers depend on, such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. We wanted to build something new, yet familiar, centered on our guiding philosophy of always being simple, powerful, and secure. Powered by AIOps and enhanced by machine learning (ML), SolarWinds Observability is built to provide insights into the health and performance of modern and custom web applications regardless of how distributed they are, where they run, or how often they change. SolarWinds Observability is also built to provide comprehensive visibility, enable proactive management, and fuel innovation.

I’m in DevOps—what does SolarWinds Observability offer me?

SolarWinds Observability is designed to provide unified and comprehensive visibility across the entire technology stack. It also helps to ensure service level and user satisfaction objectives are consistently met. Observability also enables end-to-end oversight of service delivery and component dependencies. It can reduce operational noise, helping DevOps teams focus on being proactive and addressing anomalous alerts for more efficient problem resolution. In addition to server-side insights, like metrics, traces, and logs, SolarWinds Observability also continuously analyzes conditions affecting user experience and performance to provide data to help predict issues and capacity forecasts that can impact service levels. As a result, SolarWinds Observability solutions can advance business agility by enabling DevOps organizations to shift from a reactive to a proactive posture to achieve optimum service performance and resilience.

Why SolarWinds Observability?

SolarWinds Observability unifies and correlates data across applications, infrastructure, database, user experience, network, and log events, and is built to provide comprehensive visibility and unmatched observability. Born in the cloud, the solution supports complex multi-cloud environments featuring extensibility through a native open-source (OpenTelemetry) framework as well as third-party integrations.

Supports custom observability for custom application builds

SolarWinds Observability is launching with support for Azure and AWS, providing deep insights with code-level diagnostics for custom applications running on either of those hyperscalers. For other cloud providers, SolarWinds Observability features compatible agents (such as Google Cloud) and can also support a multi-cloud environment. To further enhance the build capabilities, the solution has broad language support for a variety of programming languages, including Java, .NET, .NET Core, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Scala (through our Java agent) to provide customers with ultimate flexibility.

AIOps enhanced with ML technology for game-changing insights

AIOps-driven entity groups automate connecting the relationships between different sources to provide meaningful, actionable, and predictive insights to help inform business decisions. In addition, new ML-driven anomaly detection enhances or increases AIOps. SolarWinds Observability provides easy extensibility designed to future-proof your investment.

Improve time to value

DevOps teams don’t have the time to manually instrument each element of a custom web application or install, configure, or learn a new system. SolarWinds Observability is auto-instrumented, quick to install, and easy to use. DevOps teams can quickly realize the value of a solution built to deliver comprehensive visibility, powerful troubleshooting, and performance analysis.

Bridge to SaaS

There are also many customers in the midst of their digital transformation journeys who are moving their observability solution and application, services, and workloads to the cloud. For our customers on this journey, we’ve created what we call our Platform Connector. Available as a feature of SolarWinds® Hybrid Cloud Observability, and at no extra cost to our customers, the Platform Connector provides new and existing customers an on-ramp to our new SaaS-based, observability solution. With this bridge, customers can transfer specific configurations and collected data, to jump-start their use of SolarWinds Observability, or migrate to the cloud at their own pace.

New Products Bring Our Observability Vision to Life

As we continue to make strides in our transformation journey, we’re dedicated to providing observability solutions that support your business transformation as well. For existing or new customers, To learn more about our solutions visit our SolarWinds Observability and Hybrid Cloud Observability web pages. Whether in the cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid, SolarWinds has an observability solution for you.
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