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It’s Time to Rethink Observability and Rethink SolarWinds

SWO Sudhakar Announcement
Everyone in the information technology industry understands “change” is guaranteed. People are creative and constantly striving to find more efficient ways to solve problems and more innovative ways to deliver services to consumers. But keeping up with the constant cloud and internet technology shifts and taking advantage of all the new capabilities is a harrowing task for digital organizations. To stay innovative, competitive, and protected from cybersecurity risks, you need a trusted and enterprise-ready partner committed to your success. My core responsibilities here at SolarWinds over the past few years have been narrowly focused on ensuring we meet all the requirements and needs to be a critical partner for your business. In close partnership with Rohini Kasturi, our stellar executive team, and our dedicated and talented engineers and developers, we’ve been embarking on a journey of transformation to evolve our solutions and framing around the core tenets our customers care about: security, cost, scalability, performance, and visibility. Today, I’m excited to unveil a crucial milestone and achievement as we announce SolarWinds® Observability. Built fully in the cloud and offered as a subscription service for DevOps teams and mid-market businesses, SolarWinds Observability fulfills our commitment to provide observability for all.

A Unified Platform We’ll Continue to Improve

In the past few years, we’ve seen many application performance management (APM) vendors shifting their message to position themselves as observability providers. It makes sense; Gartner projects 30% of enterprises will adopt observability by 2024, up from 10% in 2020, to address increasingly complex platforms. However, many of the observability solutions available today are based on legacy APM technology that wasn’t designed to handle today’s highly distributed digital environments. These tools lack the ability to deliver simpler and more pertinent insights about system performance to distributed DevOps teams. Our approach at SolarWinds is different. With over 22 years of industry experience behind us, we saw the need to develop an observability solution at a platform level first. The SolarWinds Platform is our realization of this product philosophy, and we feel this achievement advances standards for security and end-user simplicity. The SolarWinds Platform is designed from the ground up to handle any hybrid environment and any level of architectural complexity with the capacity, scalability, and flexibility your business needs. Through our unified platform, we’ll be able to deploy updates across our entire product portfolio, and our solutions will only become more integrated and seamless with each upcoming release.

Observability for All

We strongly believe observability technology should be accessible to all. As a result, the SolarWinds Platform now provides two ways you can deploy observability. Today’s release of SolarWinds Observability provides DevOps teams a way to proactively manage their fully cloud-native environments through a subscription model designed to scale with your success. Recent updates to our SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability solution bring critical performance and time-to-resolution advancements for teams with hybrid systems. Together, they offer unparalleled deployment flexibility and choice, wherever you are today—and wherever your vision takes you. I’m absolutely convinced we are THE vendor to help you through your digital transformation journey— today and well into the future. We invite you to explore all that SolarWinds offers. It’s time to rethink SolarWinds.
Sudhakar Ramakrishna
Sudhakar Ramakrishna joined SolarWinds as President and Chief Executive Officer in January 2021. He is a global technology leader with nearly 25 years of experience…
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