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Join Us for Our First-Ever SolarWinds Day Event

In this virtual one-hour event on October 19, we’ll share our product strategy (and demos) for how we intend to deliver upon our full-stack observability vision — whether your environments are on-premises, hybrid, or fully in the cloud. Earlier this year, SolarWinds announced its goal to evolve from monitoring to observability and demonstrated our high-level product strategy and vision at our popular THWACKcamp 2022 event. We’re now extremely excited to unveil our most recent innovations and solutions to bring this vision to life. Join us at this very special engagement and see how SolarWinds can meet you where you are, no matter where you are, in your observability strategy.

What Can You Expect?

SolarWinds Day is the first in a new regular cadence of updates from SolarWinds where we’ll share the exciting things we’ve been working on. It’s part of our effort to continue to be as transparent and informative as possible with our customers and the industry at large. On Oct. 19, you’ll hear from our president and CEO, Sudhakar Ramakrishna, about our vision for the future of observability with SolarWinds and our progress. Brandon Shopp, Group VP for Product, will share insight into the roadmap for Hybrid Cloud Observability and take us through a demo of currently available exciting features. He’ll also address some of your top questions about the product. But wait, there’s more. Look forward to a view of the future of observability with SolarWinds.

Register Today

We’ve been busy, and we’re so excited to share with you what we’ve been working on. It’s going to be an information-packed hour. I’ll be in the room experiencing it all in person, and I hope you will join us virtually. Register today, and don’t miss out!
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