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Announcing Our New Partner Program: The SolarWinds Transform Partner Program

Transformation. Transformative. Transform. All mean making a thorough or dramatic change in form, appearance, or character of something. Transforming is precisely what we’ve been doing for the last couple of years to create solutions that deliver the observability our customers need and the value-added products and services our partners can offer. And so, it brings me great pleasure to announce our new SolarWinds Transform Partner Program—designed to transform how we partner and drive growth with industry-leading technology distributors, resellers, global system integrators (GSIs), and managed service providers (MSPs). Our Transform Partner Program will enable SolarWinds partners to drive digital and IT transformation for their customers with industry-leading IT solutions.

We value our partners and have heard their feedback

Together with our partners over the past two decades, we’ve provided best-in-class solutions to help them manage and secure customer data. As a result, our partners rate SolarWinds highly for our product portfolio in network management, application performance, and database management, as well as reliability, technical support, cost efficiency, ease of deployment, enablement, and customer retention. SolarWinds channel partners are integral to our overall success in delivering an excellent customer experience. We’ve achieved great success together, and the Transform Partner Program represents the company’s enhanced focus on channel growth and development for greater success. This focus is behind the partner priorities we laid out at the start of 2022:
  • Expanded investments by increasing our field coverage, launching our new global partner program benefits, and launching our new global SolarWinds Partner Portal
  • Growth with our new observability offerings—both on-premises and in the cloud – and new ways to sell through an expanded MSP program and cloud partnerships
  • Profitability with our annuity subscription model, new services program, new service products, and our program-aligned benefits
From today, we’ll continue transforming the program, incorporating feedback, and better supporting our valued partners. With this program, we want to set every partner up for success—whether new, existing, or specialized. Feedback is critical to growth, and SolarWinds intends to support our partners by acting on the input. With the launch of our Transform Partner Program, we look forward to developing our joint footprint with a larger group of customers and continuing to make a significant difference together.

Transforming how we support partners

Developed in close partnership with our more than 1,500 partners across the globe, the Transform Partner Program offers multiple paths to success, allowing all types of partners to focus on the strategic IT priorities best aligned with their businesses. Whether you’re just beginning and building new practice areas or have validated capabilities to deliver the greatest customer value, the Transform Partner Program offers opportunities to build a profitable business with us. Our program is built around the SolarWinds partner ecosystem:
  • Distribution partners, who work with SolarWinds to support our business growth
  • Value added resellers, who work with customers every day selling our products and services
  • Global system integrators, who engage customers of all sizes on business-critical IT projects
  • Managed service providers, who integrate SolarWinds solutions into their service offerings
  • Cloud partners, including our hyperscale partners and ecosystem partners selling through private offers
The SolarWinds partner ecosystem creates flexibility for our customers to bring the best technology providers together with SolarWinds industry-leading offerings, including our new observability products.

Supporting business growth with industry-leading observability

The Transform Partner Program is designed to enable SolarWinds partners to grow their business selling across the entire SolarWinds portfolio, sell into new businesses, and maximize their profitability. As we shift the focus from individual application to our SolarWinds® Observability, we’re providing our partners with the knowledge and incentives to join us. The world of IT is evolving, and observability is the future. We invite our current and future partners to join us at the forefront. The channel is evolving, and we’re evolving with it, producing new routes to market and making it easier than ever for all—including our MSP and specialized partners. And this is all just the beginning. As we progress, we’ll continue to listen to partner feedback, adapt and adjust to increase velocity, simplify the experience, and fuel growth. We’re really excited about this program and feel it truly lives up to its name. The opportunities for partnership with SolarWinds are extraordinary, and we feel there has never been a better time to partner with us.

Join us on our path to observability transformation

As one of few companies already embracing observability, partnering with SolarWinds provides our partners with the unique position of being one of the first with the observability solution customers need. Gartner predicts that “by 2024, 30% of enterprises implementing distributed system architectures will have adopted observability techniques to improve digital business service performance, up from less than 10% in 2020.” As we progress, we know we’ll continue to listen to partner feedback, adapt and adjust to increase velocity, simplify the experience, and fuel growth. We’ll continue to take a customer-first approach to help our partners scale and address potential more efficiently. The opportunities to partner with SolarWinds are extraordinary. There’s never been a better time to partner with us. Learn more about our Transform Partner Program here and become a part of our journey.
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