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Jim Millard

Jim Millard is a "hybrid" pre- and post-sale Engineer for OneNeck IT Solutions’ Systems Engineering group following 20+ years on the customer side of the industry. He often describes himself as a jack of all trades, master of some.

Posts Featuring Jim Millard

On Becoming a Virtualization Professional

I’ve been a VMware® evangelist and virtualization advocate for a decade. Even before I first started using VMware—by accident, I’ll admit—I’ve had the (dis?)advantage of wearing many hats in IT.…

KMS Server Activation

In a previous article, I wrote about the virtualization administrator’s interest in choosing between the two operating system activation methods Microsoft® offers: Multiple Activation Keys (MAK) and Key Management Service…

Windows Guest Licensing: To KMS or Not?

To better combat software piracy, Microsoft introduced License Activation with Windows XP/Server 2003; however, activation was pretty much implied and automatic if you had volume license keys. When these keys,…