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John Morehouse is a principal consultant with Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting and holds Microsoft® Data Platform MVP and VMware vExpert™ awards. He specializes in deploying SQL Server®-related solutions to solve critical business needs for organizations.

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Five Reasons Why Python Is Popular

One of my first projects as a consultant created a web application for a small tax software company in Omaha, Nebraska. They were looking to improve their online presence by…

The Challenges of Multi-Cloud Management and How Observability Helps Solve Them

When I started my career in information technology, I worked for a large insurance company in Omaha, Nebraska. At the time, they exclusively used Lotus Notes, an IBM product. Even…

Differentiating Between SLO vs. SLA vs. SLI: What They Are and How to Improve Them

Recently, technology roles have become more generalized—cloud computing, for instance, requires a broader knowledge of technologies like storage and network. As technology has continued to evolve over the decades, many…

Why You Need to Automate DevOps

When I began my career in IT more than two decades ago, most organizations had multiple silos of application development teams. Each team would be responsible for a single application…

What is System Integration? How Your Organization Can Benefit and Implement

Most IT systems don’t operate in a vacuum—they have dependencies on other systems. And as organizations attempt to grow while trying to maximize their bottom lines, they soon discover it…

New Features and Enhancements in SQL Server 2022

In the era of technology defined by cloud computing, features evolve at the blinding speed of continuous deployment. When large software development organizations like Microsoft deliver semi-annual releases of products,…

Understanding the Role of a Data Steward

Many years ago, in my earliest IT jobs in Omaha, Nebraska, I realized the field of data was going to continue to evolve and, as such, there would always be…

What Is Distributed Tracing? Key Concepts and Definition

Back in the day, monitoring applications from end to end was—for the most part—significantly easier than it is today. Though the basics of instrumentation and observability for metrics like CPU,…


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