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Jordan Martin has worked in technology for over 15 years, specializing in enterprise and data center routing and switching. He currently works as a Technical Architect at Core BTS, where he helps customers build, improve, and optimize the networks that drive their business. Jordan is also a Co-Founder and host of the Network Collective podcast, writer, and CCIE #43772.

Posts Featuring Jordan Martin

Cognitive Bias in IT Decision Making

Logic and objective thinking are hallmarks of any engineering field. IT design and troubleshooting are no exceptions. Computers and networks are systems of logic so we, as humans, have to…

The Impact Of Coupling On System Design

In system design, every technical decision can be seen as a series of trade-offs. If I choose to implement Technology A it will provide a positive outcome in one way,…

A Case Against Chassis Switching

If you have done any work in enterprise networks, you are likely familiar with the idea of a chassis switch. They have been the de facto standard for campus and…

The Single Thing You’ll Never Be Able To Outsource

It’s a common story. Your team has many times more work than you have man hours to accomplish. Complexity is increasing, demands are rising, acceptable delivery times are dropping, and…

Path Monitoring In A World Of Overlays

I remember the simpler days. Back when our infrastructure all lived in one place, usually just in one room, and path monitoring could be as simple as walking in to…


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