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Matthew Leib

Matt is a long-time engineer, and presales architect specializing in storage, virtualization, and orchestrations in the cloud. He has spent the last 10 years in the virtualization space focusing on Citrix and VMware solutions based on various storage platforms and specializing in Open Solaris, ZFS, EMC, NetApp, 3Par, HP, and Equalogic.

Posts Featuring Matthew Leib

Hyperconverged Infrastructure—Summary

Here’s the fifth part of the series I’ve been writing regarding HCI. Again, I don’t want to sway my audience from one platform to another. Rather, I want them to…

Storage, Replication, and Backups

This is the fourth post of my series on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) architectural design and decision-making. For my money, the differences between these diverse systems is a function of the…

Varying Approaches to Hyperconverged Infrastructure, or Why This Over That?

In this third post on the subject, I’ll discuss hyperconverged architectural approaches. I want to share some of my experiences in how and why my customers have taken different choices,…

Why Choose HCI Over Other Virtualization Approaches?

This is the second of a series of five posts on the market space for hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). To be clear, as the previous blog post outlined, there are many…

What Is Hyperconverged Infrastructure and How HCI Works

This is the first of a five-part series on HCI. I hope you enjoy and this prompts discussion. Please feel free to reach out to me via Twitter at @MBLeib.…

My Life as IT Code: Part 5 – Walking the Wall

In this, my fifth and final post about life hacks, I’ll talk about the communication process, clarifications across all key personnel, and a big approach in how some of these…

My Life as IT Code: Part Four – Exercise and Sandbox

In previous posts in this “My Life” blog series, I’ve written quite a bit about the project management/on-task aspects of how I keep my focus and direction top of mind…

How Does your VMware Environment Look Today? A Rationale for the VOA

VMware® as a technology has a huge potential to sprawl. Have you created an environment for testing purposes? Have projects required a number of guest VMs to be built, but…

When Should You NOT Virtualize That System?

Virtualization is an amazing and valuable tool for so many reasons. I’ve been a proponent of the concept since GSX server, and early Workstation products. In the early days, I…

How to Explain Virtualization to Newbies

In the world of enterprise architecture, many parts of our daily conversations are taken for granted. We talk about virtualization, vMotion®, Storage vMotion, Replication, IOPS, and so very many other…


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