Matt is a long-time engineer, and presales architect specializing in storage, virtualization, and orchestrations in the cloud. He has spent the last 10 years in the virtualization space focusing on Citrix and VMware solutions based on various storage platforms and specializing in Open Solaris, ZFS, EMC, NetApp, 3Par, HP, and Equalogic.



When Should You NOT Virtualize That System?

Virtualization is an amazing and valuable tool for so many reasons. I’ve been a proponent of the concept since GSX server, and early Workstation products. In the early days, I used to use it as a fresh image to load on a workstation for …



How to Explain Virtualization to Newbies

In the world of enterprise architecture, many parts of our daily conversations are taken for granted. We talk about virtualization, vMotion®, Storage vMotion, Replication, IOPS, and so very many other jargon-filled statements. We know these things, understand the concepts, and feel that our conversations …