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I Feel the Need for Speed—Evolving From a Loris to a Peregrine. How to Get Started With DevOps

In the IT industry, you’ll hear “I’ll sell you a DevOps; how much is it worth?” But the joke’s on you because you can’t sell (or buy) DevOps, as it…

5 Beneficial Ways ITSM Has Evolved Over the Last Decade

Technology has changed a lot in a decade. Flashback to 2009 when smartphone adoption was still growing, and the concept of using a service desk to do anything in the…

3 Ways Agile IT Can Improve Your Service Desk Business

Agile ITSM and the Agile Service Desk Up to this point, Agile IT has been mostly confined to the world of software development. Well…that is changing. Simply put, Agile has…

The Future of ITSM: The Rise of Automation, Agile, and the Employee Experience

Learn about the rise of automation, agile, and user experience and how digital transformation is rapidly changing the future of ITSM as we know it.

Three Business Agility Trends to Watch in 2019

Learn how driving business agility in human resources, portfolio management, and product development will be key for many organizations in 2019.

Transforming Traditional ITIL Into Agile ITIL

Keeping your ITSM efforts in front of the rapid changes, both within and outside of your organization can be even more challenging if you steadfastly hang on to rigid frameworks.

What is Agile Service Management?

What is Agile Service Management in an IT Service Management (ITSM) context? Is it an official term? Is there a body of knowledge behind it? Before answering that question, it’s…