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SolarWinds Lab Episode 79: Enterprise Security With Threat Monitoring

In this episode, Security Content Architect Destiny Bertucci and Head Geek™ Thomas LaRock, share their knowledge of SolarWinds® Security Event Manager (formerly Log & Event Manager), as well as Threat Monitor. They outline the architecture design for both tools, walk through demos of each, …



Why Investing in Software Security Is Worth It

Building IT software isn’t always the most secure process. The reason for this is simple economics. Companies can’t always afford to build in the security features software needs to be secure. Let’s walk through a typical IT software project. As the IT software project …



Neglect These Cybersecurity Fundamentals at Your Peril

“Shiny object syndrome” exists within both the IT and cybersecurity fields. The press loves to focus on the sleekest new security toys or the latest threat-hunting technique. After all, red-team/blue-team simulations and advanced threat hunting sound cool and impress at networking events. However, for …