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IT: The Employee Engagement Department — SolarWinds TechPod 022

What is employee engagement and what does it have to do with IT? Andrew Eardley-Day, ITSM system administrator for Betfred, and Joey Brown, product manager for SolarWinds ITSM, join episode…

IT’s New Responsibility: Employee Engagement

The importance of employee engagement with IT should be obvious. Everything they do depends on IT infrastructure and digital tools, so it’s crucial that they have an outlet to express…

5 Self-Service Portal Benefits to Boost Employee Experience

Service portal adoption can be one of those never-ending goals service desk agents and SysAdmins have. Whether you already have a service portal implemented or are just exploring the benefits,…

5 Service Catalog Examples for HR

These five examples only touch the surface of what is demanded by the HR department.

How to Build a Successful IT Self-Service System

The following post goes over the fundamentals of building out an IT self-service portal in some detail, giving you the basis from which to begin your project.