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SolarWinds and Samanage Set Sights on Disrupting the ITSM Market … Together

Samanage and SolarWinds
It’s hard to believe in the time of digital transformation that most IT departments continue to use phone (77%) and email (87%) as their main support channels. However, what many organizations don’t realize is that by adopting a service desk software they could reduce resolution time by 13%, improving efficiency and employee productivity all at the same time. Finding the right ITSM solution for your organization can seem daunting, and you’re not alone. In a recent SolarWinds survey, IT pros indicated that cost (76%) and ease of use (84%) were the critical factors in the selection process. So, why are we telling you all of this? Because these quick stats support both the why and how around SolarWinds’ entrance into the IT Service Management (ITSM) market – ITSM is a known and well-understood problem for IT pros, and the market is ready for a powerful, affordable, and easy to use product that’s designed to solve problems the way that IT pros want them solved. Enter Samanage. You may have seen the press release on April 11, but we wanted to officially share that SolarWinds continues their march in creating a unique position in the hybrid IT infrastructure market and, as of today, Samanage is officially a part of the SolarWinds family. SolarWinds sees Samanage as the up and coming challenger in the IT service management market. This is a major vote of confidence for the product and team Samanage has built considering SolarWinds has been studying the ITSM market for over four years. “We believe that a powerful market-leading ITSM solution offers us another compelling product to enhance our ability to serve IT professionals and organizations of all sizes,” said Kevin Thompson, Chief Executive Officer, SolarWinds. “This will meaningfully expand our total addressable market, including creating additional cross-sell opportunities within our large and expanding customer base.” Since 2007, Samanage has built and delivered an ITSM solution that meets the needs of IT environments from the SMB to the large enterprise with varying degrees of maturity, ranging from those looking for a cloud-based help desk tool to a full business-wide employee service management platform. The Samanage Service Platform will be re-launched as the SolarWinds Service Desk shortly after the close of the acquisition (later in Q2). Through this launch we (SolarWinds + Samanage) will support all IT departments in improving the service operations of their business. “We are excited about the opportunity to bring our products together with the reach and strength of the SolarWinds brands to enable IT organizations in companies of all sizes to achieve better business outcomes,” said Doron Gordon, Founder & CEO, Samanage.
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