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Multi-Cloud Management for IT Security Issues

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Multi-Cloud Management, Multi-Tenant Cloud ITSM Platforms, and IT Security

IT security is a complicated and continually evolving set of targets that is well beyond the scope of a single blog post. That said, there are several ways that IT service management can help organizations focus and tone their response to a variety of potential security issues, allowing for more rapid and effective management of many IT security problems they come across. If your organization is struggling to keep up with the constantly shifting security landscape, or if you’re just being proactive and looking for ways to improve your security during the ongoing digitization and migration of just about everything, here are a few suggestions on how you can leverage your multi-cloud management efforts. With a multi-tenant cloud ITSM platform, you can swiftly and thoroughly identify and escalate potential security issues that may affect your organization.

Security Breach Prediction and Response

ITIL processes can be of great assistance when it comes to predicting and responding to suspected potential security breaches. ITIL recommends preventive, reductive, detective, and repressive measures be put in place as Information Security Management (ISM) protocols, and that an Information Security Management System be put in place and managed by a Security Manager.

Automated Security Escalation

Thanks to ITSM’s embrace of automation, there are now several ways in which automated processes can help you in your IT security efforts within a multi-tenant cloud platform. Automating security measures, and escalating anything that smells like a potential issue (as much as possible) is the ultimate goal. This can be accomplished in several ways, including setting certain keyword triggers and other automations that assist in escalating security-related issues automatically, instantly alerting those who need to know what’s going on.

Rapid Detection with a Smart Service Management Solution

Utilizing a smart service management solution can have many benefits, one being the ability to put artificial intelligence to work for your organization as a line of defense for potential threats. Artificial intelligence can enable your organization to quickly detect problems that may otherwise be overlooked as ordinary tickets. A modern ITSM platform can also utilize AI to identify related incidents and flag them as potential threats. In this manner, AI can serve as a first line of defense through your smart service management solution.

Managing IT Security and Multi-Cloud Management

There are many advantages to working in a multi-cloud environment, but sometimes expanding into a larger digital environment can mean increasing your vulnerability to a degree. Thankfully, there are ways a smart service management solution can help. Through automated escalation of issues that may pose a risk, the deployment of artificial intelligence to aid with rapid detection of potential security issues, and the built-in prediction and response that comes with solid ITIL processes, you can benefit from the resiliency and ease of access of a multi-tenant solution while helping ensure solid IT security.
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