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Here’s to the IT Pro!

The IT community has left its indelible mark on me—the sum of my experiences has led me to where I am now. I’m constantly impressed by IT’s creativity and ingenuity. No matter the circumstances, the time of day, or the hurdle, IT pros show up and deliver. I think I speak for everyone when I say 2020 has rocked the boat. The way we communicate and operate continues to change but IT professionals remain grounded, working hard to ensure those we support can successfully stay afloat with this accelerated evolution. As our digital dependence expands and as the boundaries of our workdays are extended, IT pros’ list of responsibilities has grown. Over the course of 2020, I’ve watched IT professionals pivot: growing their education, acquiring new skills and advancing existing ones, advocating for technology, and empowering their organizations. Through it all, we persevere and support others because it’s how we’re wired. It may be my first IT Pro Day as a Head Geek, but I’m no stranger to recognizing and embracing this crowd. For me what’s really special about this year’s IT Pro Day are the inaugural awards! I’ve often found myself sending Slack messages of praise and thanks (...and emojis) to my fellow IT pros, but it doesn’t fully express my gratitude for all they do. While 2020 has forced us to navigate new waters, I’ve been so humbled and encouraged by IT pros’ resilience. This year’s IT Pro Day Awards create an opportunity to show how much we value and are inspired by our peers. The nominations enable us to shine a light on those who go above and beyond, tackling challenges thrown their way with innovation and a smile. I feel lucky that myself, along with the other Head Geeks and esteemed judges, will get to hear from you, about our beloved IT pros. I look forward to the shared stories of grit, triumph and transformation: the stories portraying why you and IT pros were built for this. Thank you, for all you do and continue to do to propel us forward. Here’s to looking at you! -Liz
Liz Beavers
Like many IT professionals, Liz’s entry into the tech industry was unconventional. With plans to pursue a career in public relations, Liz’s career quickly took…
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