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Solar Winds AI Continues to Enrich the ITSM Employee Experience

Human hand and digital hand fist-bumping for AI

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly integral in the tech landscape, we at SolarWinds recognize the incredible benefits it can bring to companies and teams, not only in its efficiencies but also in how it can enhance the general work environment. We truly believe smart technology can support and elevate the employee experience, creating efficiencies and improvements to improve and support human skills instead of replacing them.

With a deep appreciation for the employee experience and a foundational focus on AI by Design, which outlines our secure and ethical development practices regarding AI, SolarWinds is excited to announce the launch of SolarWinds AI in Service Desk. This new set of generative features helps streamline service management workflows and provides agents with a powerful helping hand in their daily tasks. Powered by large language models (LLMs) and proprietary algorithms, SolarWinds AI in Service Desk instantly summarizes complex ticket histories, suggests agent responses to inquiries, and generates real-time recommended steps for resolving issues, all built to achieve better resolutions faster.

The release of SolarWinds AI is an exciting continuation of our commitment to improving the lives of IT professionals. This is a revolutionary time in technology, as AI and automations have a plethora of advantages for roles across teams and businesses in many industries.

Leveraging AI for Business Enhancement

For businesses to effectively benefit from AI, leaders must ensure the technology is applied wisely and aligns with business goals. A clear strategy and alignment with business objectives simplify cost justification. Smart technology is designed to streamline tasks and simplify employee routines. AI and automation ease the workload by refining existing processes and automating mundane tasks, allowing employees to focus on more complex issues. For instance, automation can handle bulk updates to devices and software, a typically cumbersome and time-consuming task for staff, thus maintaining workflow continuity without disruption.

Optimizing Support with Smart Technology

Smart technology enhances service desk efficiency by automating incident resolution and request fulfillment and, in some cases, preempting support tickets altogether. AI-driven knowledge bases can guide employees through self-service solutions, like password resets or software installations, optimizing support team bandwidth for more critical issues. Integrating AI into business operations supports service continuity and simplifies daily tasks for employees by refining their approach to work.

Anticipating and Addressing Future Challenges

The unexpected shift to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic tested organizational adaptability. Companies with contingency plans or flexible remote work policies managed the transition more smoothly. Preparation, including setting up VPNs and distributing resources, underscored the value of automated solutions in navigating such transitions efficiently. Automated employee service portals exemplify smart technology designed to save time, facilitating quick resolution of incidents, and streamlining service requests.

Harmonizing Smart Technology and Human Workforce

The future of work will require a partnership between smart technology and human talent. With the launch of SolarWinds AI, these generative features and other automations in Service Desk help relieve the workload, allowing employees to focus on more nuanced tasks. The synergy between automated services, such as SolarWinds AI, and the human workforce underscores the importance of a balanced approach to employee experience in a digitally evolving landscape.

To learn more about the new generative SolarWinds AI features and how they can supercharge service management teams, visit this page.

To learn more about SolarWinds AI and how it can help your teams reduce response and resolution times, try a free trial of SolarWinds® Service Desk.

To read more on balancing innovation and caution when embracing AI, read this article by Senior Vice President of Product at SolarWinds, Cullen Childress, in AI Journal

This post was updated on May 21, 2024
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