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Important Actions After Cloud Migration

April 2, 2019

Cloud migration follows the same principles as any other complex task. With methodical planning and appropriate preparation, it can be a smooth and painless experience. While “divide and conquer” can have negative connotations, it’s a popular technique in computer science and can be applied …



Public Cloud – To Migrate or Not: That is the Question

January 28, 2019

Public clouds provide enormous scale and elasticity. Combined with a consumption-based model and instant deployment methodologies, they provide a platform that is extremely agile and avoids locking of precious capital. Surely it’s a no-brainer and why every company has plans to migrate workloads to the …



IT Operations: Coping with Cloud

January 24, 2019

You’ll find no shortage of blog posts and thought pieces about how cloud computing has forever changed the IT landscape. The topic is usually addressed in an “adapt or die” argument: cloud is coming for your on-prem applications, and without applications in your data …


Applications Systems

Monitoring Your Systems in the Cloud

July 25, 2018

What happens to our applications and infrastructure when we place them in the cloud?  Have you ever felt like you’ve lost insight into your infrastructure after migrating it to the cloud?  There seems to be a common complaint among organizations that at one point …


SolarWinds Lab Episode 55: Hybrid IT Diagnosis

May 15, 2018

Hybrid IT brings considerable new complexity and demands new tools, skills, and methods. Unfortunately, now more than 50% of IT departments of all sizes admit to not only supporting hybrid IT operations, but have been diagnosed with multiple, sometimes debilitating symptoms. Workloads split between …


Applications Networks

Cloud Connectivity: Not as Simple as You Thought

March 16, 2018

Most enterprises rely on infrastructure and applications in the cloud. Whether it’s SaaS services like Office 365, IaaS in AWS, PaaS in Azure, or analytics services in Google Cloud, organizations now rely on systems that do not reside on their infrastructure. Unfortunately, cloud connectivity …



The Single Thing You’ll Never Be Able To Outsource

February 15, 2018

It’s a common story. Your team has many times more work than you have man hours to accomplish. Complexity is increasing, demands are rising, acceptable delivery times are dropping, and your team isn’t getting money for more people. What are you supposed to do? …