How CMDB Data Inaccuracies Can Impact ITSM Success

CMDB data inaccuracies can have a poisoning effect, multiplying as it reaches through various aspects of your organization and its practices.

When Does an Incident Become a Problem?

Dealing with incidents is a common, if not everyday, function of just about every IT department. Incidents may be indicative of underlying problems (and they quite often are), but they…

Success Factors for ITSM Governance Structures

The question is: How do you approach ITSM and ITIL governance structure in a way that promotes buy-in on all levels of the organization?

How IT Affects Your Customer Experience Strategy (And Bottom Line)

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What is Agile Service Management?

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How Slack is Connecting Employees to IT Support

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Self-Service Portal: Three Ways to Increase Employee Adoption

The key to portal adoption is two-fold. First, employees need to understand the benefits to them. It shouldn’t be any sort of inconvenience. They surely don’t want to add another…

Modern ITSM Practices: The Customizable Service Catalog

Simply put, the service catalog is like a restaurant menu for requesters. The process of submitting a service request should be easy for users, just like customers at a restaurant.

Modern ITSM Practices: Introduction

New ITSM technology is changing our world. Leaders in ITSM processes are honing in on alternatives for the manual completion of simple tasks.

Service Desk Basics: The Real Cost Per Ticket

The service desk is the hub that supports all business-related technology that helps businesses generate profits – but in and of itself, the service desk doesn’t turn a profit for…