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How We Encrypt Data in MySQL With Go

A SaaS product needs to use security measures you might not ordinarily use in an on-premises solution. In particular, it’s important for all sensitive data to be secured. Encryption plays…

Is Threat Intelligence For Me?

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” –Stephen Hawking Search for the term “threat intelligence” and you’ll get 12.3 million hits. Not all of them are relevant to cyber,…

All Data is Not Created Equal

“Horizontal expansion loses the depth, though excessive depth that only provokes darkness is futile. Therefore a balance between depth and vastness is essential in learning” ― Privavrat Thareia This year, consider…

How to Prevent a Data Breach from SQL Injection Attacks

The average total cost of a data breach right now is $3.79 million, according to the 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis. Cyber attacks are one of the top…


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Here are three steps government employees can take to become good cybercitizens.

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What are the post-pandemic security concerns for IT pros? - @solarwinds

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ICYMI: Head Geek @leonadato sits down with @whurley to discuss the future of Quantum, the current state of IT, and…