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ITIL 4 Update Launch is Almost Here

Common criticisms of ITIL's shortcomings have led to the creation of other frameworks that attempt to either replace ITIL or complement its application, depending on the IT context.

The Evolution of ITIL

Unless you’re a current, aspiring, or former IT professional, you probably don’t know exactly what ITIL is. But it also stands to reason that if you’re reading this blog right…

ITIL Alternatives: What Are Other ITSM Frameworks?

In this post, we will examine the rise and domination of ITIL, looking into how prevalent it actually is, and why that may be so. We’ll also take a look…

Continuing Service Improvement (CSI) Throughout the ITIL Lifecycle

Establishing and refining CSI goals, metrics, and overall strategy ensuring that they are rooted in both your organizational mission and your long-term IT vision is so important.

The Guiding Principles For ITIL Practitioners

Your Service Desk is the nexus of your communication with both internal and external stakeholders, your customers, and your entire organization.

Advantages of Capacity Management

The advantages of capacity management are plentiful. Simply put, IT capacity management is an ideal arrived at through the construction of a set of processes and monitoring efforts.

Modern ITSM Practices: ITIL for Today

You can, and should, apply fundamentals of ITIL to new challenges in service. The ITIL framework will survive because it’s designed to align with the business goals of the employees…

Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM): An Overview

SACM helps leadership understand what they own in terms of assets and how a change in configuration affects other assets, which helps an organization deliver effective service management and tangibly…